Disposing Wastes with autoclave method:

Kousha Metal Industries co. has been manufacturer of autoclave machines that dispose hospital biological waste in Iran from 2006. All disposable lab are contaminated with bio hazardous materials like blood, body fluids, human cell culture media, bacteria culture media, viruses, recombine DNA etc., all culture plates, all culture media, all contaminated Pasteur, pipettes etc., all gloves that used in medical procedures, and generally all materials that deal with medical processes must be disposed in a special way after use. In order to dispose these materials, Kousha metal industries co. offers three series of machines. SARAY1, SARAY2 , and SARAY4 series.


SARAY1 is an autoclave machine that dispose waste in 121 0C or 134 0C in about 60 minutes.

SARAY2 is a SARAY1 with an internal shredder.

And SARAY4 is a dry heat sterilizer and shredder working together but for waste disposal goals, it works in this way that all the waste inside its chamber would be shredded and sterilized in high temperature (above 134 0C) and then ejected into special basket beside the device.

Hospital Waste Disposal Equipment Catalog”