Kousha Metal Industries Company, using its experienced experts in research and development; According to the needs of the country, it has made the first and largest rice packing machine with vacuum technology, which has been one of the major exporters in this field so far; It has exported this device to other countries, including Bangladesh .

Rice Packing Machine Model: KMI2020

KMI2020 is a packing system with low investment and low operation costs that would be most high-performance and cost-effective machine for the medium format size range.
some features of the device:

  1. Compact, operator-friendly design
  2. Quick and easy size change
  3. Programmable control
  4. Fault indication on display
  5. Touch screen HMI
  6. Electronic monitoring for sealing temperature and bag length
  7. Servo-driven cross sealing station
  8. Motor for film tracking cross adjustment
  9. Pneumatically operated cutting knife
  10. Operator-friendly safety doors with locking magnet

Device specifications:

•type of grain : parboiled rice / bulk density = 0.82 t/m3

•type of bags : 5 kg bags – polypropylene made – vacuum sealed – nospecific handling system .

•Capacity of the machine : 6 ton per hour = 1200 bags per hour